Stone Town Tour

Stone Town Tour is a half-day tour where you will join our tour guide in an unforgettable adventure through the fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets full of history from the Zanzibar’s capital.

Stone Town which is an UNESCO heritage site was once the biggest business center from East Africa. In it’s earlier days it was the hub for trading ivory, spices and slaves. Our guide will take you on a walk through colourful alleys where you can admire the Arabian residences with beautifully carved wooden doors. You will visit Stone Town Market, Slave Monument, Anglican Church, Freddy Mercury Memorial House, Old Fort and House of Wonders.

Also here you can buy souvenirs because Stone Town is the place where you can find excellent gifts shops with plenty of souvenirs and handicrafts to choose from.

Overall this tour is a fascinating look into the history and culture that has shaped this island and is something that should not be missed.

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