Zanzibar Tortoise Tour

Zanzibar Tortoise is a full day individual tour on request that will take you on the amazing Spice Farm, on the historic center of Zanzibar City: Stone Town and on the wonderful historic island that it is the home of Zanzibar’s giant tortoises.

Our tour will start at 8:00 AM when we will get you from the Hotel where you are staying.

After a short drive we will stop at our first tour objective: Spice Farm. Here you will be challenged by our tour guide to guess the name of the spices (roots, leaves, fruits), you will taste them and you will get the chance to learn more about their medicinal, cosmetic and culinary uses. This is also a great place to buy spices and oils.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, Stone Town will be our next stop. First we will stop at a fancy restaurant in Stone Town where you can take the lunch, which is included in the tour price and after this your journey through full of history Stone Town will begin. We will visit Stone Town Market, Slave Monument, Anglican Church, Freddy Mercury Memorial House, Old Fort and House of Wonders.

From the shores of Stone Town we will take a motor boat until the beautiful beach of Prison Island. You will get the opportunity to visit the tortoise sanctuary, which is at five minute walk across the island from the prison ruins. Basically you will visit the home of Giant Tortoises that were imported from Seychelles in the late 19th century. The average weight of these creatures is 100 kg, and many of them are said to be over 100 years old. There will be plenty of time to feed the tortoises play with them.

It will be an unforgettable experience that will make your friends back home really jealous!

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